NFTs coming soon!

NFTs are coming late 2021 so stake your claim now and get ready for the one of the most anticipated Play-And-Earn games this year!

Game core
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Play Anywhere You Are!

Megopoly is played entirely in-browser, meaning you can play at home on your computer or on the go with a mobile device. So long as there is internet access, Megopoly can go anywhere you are!

Persistent World

Megopoly is virtual world that is constantly changing, even when players aren’t logged in. As other players invest in shares and pay rent, players may return to find their properties growing, or shrinking, thanks to other players.

Massively Multiplayer

In Megopoly, the number of players is unlimited. The more players join, the more the in-game economy evolves, and the more fun and profit each player gets out of the game.

Since there is no limit to the number of players in Megopoly, the opportunities for investing are endless. Watch out for other investors though! Districts become riskier as more players join.

Dynamic Economy

As players land on Property spaces, they can invest in the space and become shareholders by purchasing shares. Once a player has a stake in a space, they will collect rent from other players who land on that property in the form of Coins. This premium currency can be used to purchase more shares of properties or saved for upcoming features and events.